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Casa Soleada - Sayulita

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Property ID : 21418

Out of Market $525,000 USD - Home, Ocean View
1078 M2 2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms  Add to Favorites Print

Casa Soleada (Sayulita)

Is a hidden gem, tucked into the hillside on the exclusive north end. The open air Mexican design  was built in 2001 by a local well known architect. There are sweeping ocean views from every area of the house.   The open air concept  keeps a cool breeze flowing throughout the year and captures the best sunsets.

The master bedroom with french doors open up to views of the ocean as well as the expansive garden and the pool below. Off of the bedroom is a large bathroom with an open air shower.  Handmade Mexican tiles are used throughout the house giving it an authentic Mexican feel.

The pool sits below the main house and is accessed through a flight of stairs through the garden.  The private pool area has a wrap around deck and is surrounded by lush palms and tropical vegetation.  Stairs from the pool area lead up to the casita which is considered the tree house or the “The Nest.”  The tree house sits above the trees and has sweeping ocean views.

Casa Soleada is a great investment for someone wanting to live in Sayulita but be away from the town. It has a great rental history and has many return clients.
House Area: 130 m2


All prices are in USD. For more information on this property, contact us direct. If you are calling within the U.S., you can reach us Toll-Free at (800) 743-2616. Outside the U.S. our office number in Sayulita, Mexico is 1+(329) 291-3759.

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