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Casa Hiedra - Sayulita

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Pending $779,000 USD - Home
400 M2 5 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms  Add to Favorites Print

Casa Hiedra (Sayulita)

Is a Titled – multi-unit vacation rental property located at the corner of Primavera and Naranjito streets in the south end of Sayulita. The property is comprised of 5 units; 4 Apartments plus the owner’s Garden House quarters. Construction living areas of 400 m2 plus 124 m2 of patios and terraces on a 535 m2 lot. Most of the property is 8-year-old construction plus an original building totally remodeled, enclosed in the new construction scheme. House design provides good ventilation and a comfortable temperature throughout.

All 5 units have individual entrances from the street, separate electric meters, boilers and Wi-Fi. The property has parking space for three vehicles, a full-size laundry room and 3 storage areas.

Garden House at Casa Hiedra – One bedroom, KS bed, kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, portico with dining and living areas, garden, 10,000 liters (2700 gallons) plunge pool, Wi-Fi Router, A/C, on demand boiler, large pantry and tool storage.

Private Flat with Balcony and Patio at Casa Hiedra – One bedroom, QS bed, kitchen, full bathroom, balcony, patio, Wi-Fi Router, A/C & on demand boiler

Spacious Terrace Apartment at Casa Hiedra – One bedroom, KS bed, kitchenette, full bathroom, terrace, Wi-Fi Router, A/C & boiler

Modern Roof Top Apartment at Casa Hiedra – One bedroom, KS bed, kitchenette, full bathroom, semi-covered terrace, Wi-Fi Router, A/C & on demand boiler

Contemporary Portico Apartment at Casa Hiedra – One bedroom, KS bed, kitchen, full bathroom, portico, Wi-Fi Router, A/C & on demand boiler

The Electric supply to the building consists of two new 220-volt feeds dedicated to 1 and 4 metering units. Two main panels and 5 subpanels, one for each unit. The Water System consists of three 1100-liter rooftop cisterns and one 2500 liters on 2nd level . Two Grundfos booster pumps, heavy duty piping throughout and two city line feeds from two town pumps. The property is connected to a new town sewer line – work contracted to local utility and paid for by current owner. Cobblestone streets and sidewalk contracted by current owner

Two roof top stationary gas tanks and all A/C condensing units have protective enclosures –  a total of 6 A/C type inverter and energy efficient units. The property’s roof waterproofing system is a reliable low maintenance, durable, proprietary design.  All windows and doors are fabricated with solid steel and all windows include welded steel screens. The garden is well established, and Ivy encloses the property, hence the name Casa Hiedra  (Ivy House.)

Lot M2: 535

Total M2 Const: 400


All prices are in USD. For more information on this property, contact us direct. If you are calling within the U.S., you can reach us Toll-Free at (800) 743-2616. Outside the U.S. our office number in Sayulita, Mexico is 1+(329) 291-3759.

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