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Casa Cascada - San Francisco (San Pancho)

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Property ID : 21345

Sold $1,300,000 USD - Home, Ocean View
1769 M2 5 Bedrooms 5.5 Bathrooms 2 Garages  Add to Favorites Print

Casa Cascada (San Francisco)

Is located in the prestigious, residential area of Costa Azul, in the charming beachside town of San Francisco (San Pancho) and is just a quick, 2-minute walk to the beach.

From the moment you enter this magnificent villa you will notice the dramatic ocean vistas, which are ever present throughout the home.

Stairs meander through lavish, tropical flora, creating pathways to the many private nooks, ending on the sculptured, ocean view infinity pool. Five masterly designed, en-suite bedrooms, each nestled in their own private area, afford the best in relaxed luxury living. The expansive living area adjoins a tropical, outdoor dining area in an open floor plan, which overlooks the pool. Located on the same level as the living area is the kitchen, dining room, outdoor gas barbecue and wet bar. Another unique feature of this property is the multitude of quiet alcoves, which affords the ability to easily slip away for quiet time or an intimate conversation. 

Casa Cascada was beautifully decorated by British designer, Anthony Chetwind and is adorned with elegance in all its ample living spaces. Perfect for hosting family or a group of friends, Casa Cascada has the feel of waterfalls from the moment one enters. An impressive cascade flows from the infinity edge pool over the stairs, which take you out of the home.


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